The diamonds
of design!

Lead through stylishness

Available in Diamond Glass Plates, Exclusive Glass Plates and many other exciting varieties,
the Glorio Modular Plates series is the epitome of sophistication. The series comes in a host of
shades and styles and beautifully complements a wide array of interior requirements.

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The era of


A Cut above the rest

The Cube from Wave is an extraordinary series of Modular Plates carrying classy chrome edges to furnish
your walls with unparalleled elegance. Simple yet classy, easy to use yet high in quality and performance,
it’s exactly what you need for that superior ambience.

tremendous tones

Amaze & surprise with your choice

The amount of innovation and styles with a wide range of elegant hues and unseen-anywhere textures,
make the Nexa Cover Plates series a must-have. The series is available in a multitude of international colours
such as American White, Metallic Copper, Carbon Grey, Charcoal Brown and many more.



The Edge of Innovation

Ultra-sophisticated colours, mesmerizingly aesthetic design forms, above-par performance
and durability all come together to create the EDGE series of switches.

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