I-cube Ceiling Fan

Breeze Beyond Boundaries

Designed to cover every corner of the room, the
I-Cube Series is engineered to play in the 3D space giving you a breeze of calm and comfort no matter where you choose to sit. With a sturdy built-quality, the I-Cube Series provides an uninterrupted flow
and durability that lasts ages.

Octopus Ceiling Fans

Your Ultimate Cooling Companion

The Octopus Fan boasts a unique design that mimics the graceful movements of an octopus. The flexible blades are strategically placed to provide power and efficient airflow in every direction. Octopus Fan covers a wide area making it suitable for larger rooms and lobbies.

Cool Air Ceiling Fan

Cool Air Ceiling Fan

Engineered for Comfort

The Cool Air Ceiling Fan is where innovation meets comfort. Made with advanced technologies, these fans are designed to provide instant cooling to any room. Even on the hottest days, with their powerful airflow, Cool Air creates a refreshing breeze, ensuring a comfortable environment. Functional, but also visually delightful, the series offers a range of vivid shades to choose from.

Aura Ceiling Fan

Excellence is in the Air

The Aura ceiling fan not only excels in performance, but it is also an energy-efficient choice, consuming less electricity without compromising on its cooling capabilities. Adding to its appeal, the Aura ceiling fan comes in a range of captivating colours, making it a stylish addition to any space. Experience the perfect blend of power, efficiency, and aesthetics and stay cool in style.

Blaze Ceiling Fan

A Trail Blazing Performer

Blaze ceiling fan is the ultimate performance powerhouse designed to provide a quick cool and a strong breeze. Engineered with advanced technology, this fan combines power and efficiency to deliver an unparalleled cooling experience. With its high-speed motor, the Blaze ceiling fan effortlessly circulates air throughout the room, creating a refreshing atmosphere in no time.


Compact with a Big Impact

Air Blend Cabin fans are the perfect solution for small spaces in need of a cool breeze. Despite their compact design, these fans deliver exceptional performance, efficiency, durability, and coolness. Ideal for various settings such as kitchens, study rooms, cabins, and other confined areas, these fans effectively circulate air, ensuring a comfortable environment wherever they are placed. Air Blend cabinet fans help reduce electricity consumption, making them a cost-effective choice.


Avion / Avion XL Fans

Assured Instant Relief

Avion Fans’ ventilation fans are the epitome of durability and performance. The fans are crafted with exceptional sturdiness to withstand the hottest, harshest, smokiest, and even the most demanding conditions. Whether it’s a scorching summer day or a smoke-filled environment, the fans’ ventilation system works relentlessly to provide efficient airflow and instant relief.

Briza / Briza XL Axial Fans

Axial-ent in its Output!

Designed to excel in ventilation applications, the fans carry outstanding features that ensure optimal performance. With a shallow installation depth, they can be easily integrated into tight spaces. A low noise level guarantees a comfortable environment. Whether it’s in industrial, commercial or residential settings, Briza provides reliable and effective air movement, contributing to improved ventilation and temperature regulation.

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