Long Life. Low Replacements. A windy afternoon in a quiet hinterland riverside village. A breezy evening walking by the beach of our southern states. A cool gust of air on the Himalayn mountain trek. Vimal's high-performing range of fans offers you the same naturally windy experience from the comfort of your home and workplace without the noisiness and inefficiency that other common brands are known for.

To learn the true meaning of comfort and relaxation, explore through our array of ceiling and cabinate fans today.

Super Smooth

Super Quiet

Super Efficient

An Easy Breezy Performer

Vimal’s ceiling fans and cabinet fans are innovatively designed to perform under pressure, operate virtually limitlessly, and deliver extraordinary cooling even in the warmest of settings. The fans are perfect for a variety of applications – from homes, commercial buildings, and airports, to shopping malls, auditoriums, healthcare and educational institutes.

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