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Safety always”

#आपका अपना VIMAL

Electricity and MCB always goes hand-in-hand. Miniature circuit breaker is commonly known as MCB, are small devices which are commonly used in every household or in industrial unit. In other words, MCB is an electrical switch which operates on it own and breaks the circuit when it detects the unusual amount of heat and electricity to prevent an individual from shock.

Introducing MCB, a brand new switchgear engineered by the finest quality to serve you better. This MCB is one of the finest circuit breakers available in India powered by Vimal.


MCB is an upgraded version of Fuse the breaks the circuit as t detects the excessive supply of electricity. On Contrary, ELCB is used for protection against electric shock that operates solely on Voltage.


Protect your electrical circuits form the damage of over current or short circuit and live safe with Vimal MCB’s and Db’s