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Vimal has held a predominant position in the electrical field since 1977 from the time switches were simply power generating gadgets to the present day automated scenerio with a concept of modern lifestyle. The current trend being fast paced living laced with aesthetics bound inventiveness, has led us to learn more about our clients' evolved and emancipated attitudes and approaches in selecting from options.

Electrical Switches Manufacturers in Mumbai, India
Add colour to the mood you wish to enjoy with our
matt frost plate. You have a floral design available with
transparent cover and crazy kid patterns with
transparent cover to choose from.

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Dazzle – Electrical Switches Manufacturer and Supplier

Looking around when you see the contours of your walls garnished with some elegant teeny weeny decorations that some may mistake to be pure art forms, you are proud owners of Wave collection of a variety of switches that are created to suit your style, to say the least.

Wave intends to keep its place as décor in your home abode in form of assortment highlighting grace and grandeur, style and substance, thereby consistent in both perfected engineering and flawless precision.


November 19, 2014

Journey of Vimal Switches

November 19, 2014
Modular switches manufacturer in Mumbai, India

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